Design and Design Only

So here we are again. Blogging once again. I set up this blog quite awhile ago. But have been sitting on my hands and thinking of the purpose of this, and how we are going to interact with one another.

Now the title tells you where I’ve settled on. Design. And yes, I am studying architecture and my intense passion for the art form has deep, well seated roots. However, I am and will always be a designer at heart. I grew up dabbling in art, as a little boy in my early years sitting in class I was mainly preoccupied with one of my old year planners, drawing  futuristic cars. They all ended up looking like the Delorean from Back to the Future funny enough. And in high school Art class was probably my favourite place to be – despite having a teacher who hated me.

Design has always been my friend and a point of call for everything really. From fashion to architecture, industrial design to photography. Even cuisine has its beauty in simplistic design. This is what this blog is for. This is what I’m going to write about.

My absolute adoration for DESIGN.

So join me. Chat to me. Let’s have some fun. I’ll share my views and a few cases I’ll share what I work on. Today on this special day, I launch my design rambling blog. – Happy Birthday to myself.

This is my studio chat –


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